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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wave House, Sentosa

Another day of school holiday activity. Bringing the boys to Wave House, Senotsa. It's KFC & Pizza Hut's family day & our company are given invitation to the event.

Although each invitation admits 4, I requested for 2 cards so that I can get 2 beachie bags

The excited boys

Took bus from home to Vivo City & transferred to Sentosa Express & walked a distance from the Beach Station

Finally reached!

The boys are happy to see Milo truck cos that means they get unlimited supply of Milo!

Opening/ Welcome speech by Mr Philip

Event officially starts as of now!

Happeeeeeee.... .... 

To the kid's pool for warm up

Daryl's main aim is to try the wave pool

I left my i/c in the locker, so can only sign him up using contact number. Thus, he is only allowed to do body-waking

Damien is afraid to try, so we went to get some popcorn & candy floss

While Daryl is happily body-waking, we happily munch on candy floss & popcorn

Then went back to kid's pool

Went to check on Daryl and he's still having fun at the wave pool

So I went back to keep Damien company

Haha.. someone else went to get more popcorns!

When Daryl is finally done with the wave pool, they went to try the Rodeo Ride. Just few seconds & they're off the bull already =D

Back to the kid's pool for a little more fun

Rested for awhile & the boys had to make do with Sjora cos Milo truck has left, but they end up liking the drink alot

After freshening up, time to leave! brought the boys to buy new pair of crocs & dinner at McDonald's being going home

Back home checking out the stuffs in beachie bag - frisbi, beach ball, water stick gun, towel, mat with a bubble pillow, muffins, sweets!

Wave House Sentosa
36 Siloso Beach Walk, 099007
Tel: 6238 1196
Operating Hours: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

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