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Friday, 19 September 2014

Prakash's Birthday

Kogu initiates a gathering at his place cos it's Prakash's birthday

As usual, I'm always the first to reach, so my standard to-do is to fool around with the boys

This is how he pose when you ask him to "show me your teeth" =D

Dinner is served when everyone arrives. I requested for his mum's Kuay Teow Goreng, so here it is!

Beehoon/ Mee Goreng

Some Winter melon dish

Our all-time favorite dish - Sambal Chicken

Some Indian dish

Fish Curry

Prata, also requested by me cos there's too much curry

Rice for the guys

Whole table full of Indian food by Kogu's mum except fot the prata which was bought from coffee shop

Jenny also cooked some Cereal Prawns for Keeren

The adults version of Cereal Prawn by Kogu

Wefie before we dig in

Apart from all the Indian food, we had hand-made Salmon balls specially made by Kogu!

Someone's enjoying his mummy's cereal prawns

Oh.. little grumpy is awake for milk! 

After dinner, Keeren playing hide & seek with the camera.. lol

I went Swensen's Causeway Point to buy an Ice Cream Cake for the mini celebration. 

Happy Birthday, Prakash

3 flavors of ice cream inside! yummy =)

Once again... ... Happy Birthday, Prakash 

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