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Friday, 26 September 2014

A Visit to Trick Eye Museum, RWS

We have been talking about visiting Trick Eye Museum since the day she opens her door to public but we heard that the queue is always insanely long, so our plans have been put on hold till last weekend. We decide to check-out early from our stay-cation at Festive Hotel & proceed to Trick Eye Museum early morning!

Hello, Trick Eye Museum! 

We were quite early, but there's already quite a bit of people inside. Thus, it's not quite easy to get full picture of all the exhibits.Without delaying, let's move on! 

**Warning** This is gonna a picture over-loaded but caption-less post since the pictures doesn't really need their own caption =D

Starry Night

Performance. Erm, we tried to act like we're also one of them but... ... fail badly.. lol

Rainy Day on Paris Street

Giant Baby


Art of Love but hmm... where'e my love? 

Well, not to worry. Being single can also have her own fare share of happiness =)


Haha... trying to be exy, but also fail badly =D


Mona Lisa


Moving on ... ...

The Dining Table

The dirt & shadow makes me looks like my tears smudge the mascara

Who's feet?

Haha.. we love this series of pictures

Midget in captive of Dinosaur


Swimming with Dolphins


Sky diving


Monster Fish

Quick, pull me out!


Bamboo .. I think I blends in with the Panda

Human Cannon


Who doesn't love rainbow? 


Wolf on Motocycle

Pretty Dandelion 

Cute meow meow

Over the Moon

The Swan


Little Match Girl

I wish I strike Toto

Angel's Wing.. but hey, who need a bicycle when you have wings huh?


Mammoth's Rope


Husky Sled

Horse Racing. Ivy mentions that there's no whip around, so I ask her to use the monopod =D

Ballerina. Sadly, the stretching ballerina is closed for maintenance 

Merlion Boat

Haha.. Handstand? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!


With this being the last, we're back to beginning of the museum

So we took some pictures again

We spent about 3 hours in the museum cos it was rather difficult taking pictures cos there's quite a lot of people, and a lot of them are quite inconsiderate. They don't care if you're taking picture with the exhibit. They just squeeze their way tru & hijack you while you're still trying to take picture. 

Although we got hijacked a few times, we managed to get some nice pictures. Some pictures are wefies taken with our monopod while some group pictures are taken by some nice people who are in line after us =)

For those who are planning to visit, it's best to go a least 2 or more friends so that you can the best picture out of it. Have fun! 

Trick Eye Museum
Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa 
26 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098138
Tel:  6795-2370 / 2371
Mon - Sun: 10 am - 9 pm

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