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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mayday Concert @ F1 Padang Stage

It's the time of the year again for ... ... 

Just like previous years, apart from the race, there are lots of artists performing at different zone on different days. This year, Mayday 五月天 is performing at Zone 4 on Friday, so... ... Theresa jio (date) Angeline & myself. I also jio Angela, Cassandra, Mel & Ivy to join us cos when it comes to concert, the more the merrier right? Get HIGH together! 

Prior to the concert, we met up for dinner at Crystal Jade Steamboat Kitchen & at the same time collect the mini flag designed & distributed by Mayday Fanclub for the concert, and the F1 Zone 4 Walk-about tickets from Ivy. I also brought along mozzie patch for the girls while I use the mozzie wristband

Let's a wefie first! Erm hey... we got photobomb by 2 hot girls at the back. They should have stand in front cos they were clad in bikini! 

More wefie after the girls left

Well, not here for the race, so didn't bother to take any picture of the racing cars. Since the girls stopped to take a look, I end up snapping picture of it, but... ... they were too fast for my S5, so this is the only picture that I manage to snap =D

Hohoho... Mayday 五月天 - they're the main reason why we're here! 

Directional signage

Official merchandise

Reached the spot where we wanted to go! 

It was already flooded with eager fans, so we decide to sit at the middle, which is near the huge monitor

Alright, find a spot, sit & relax our feet first before the concert starts

Wefie.. wefie & wefie... 

haha.. go grab a beer first!

Cheers to concert; cheers to weekend!

The 2 Mayday fans in their Mayday tee

My Evil Twinnie laugh at me for being suaku cos it's my first time watching Mayday live!

Time check: 23.50 hours!

Concert officially starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The amount of fans!

After the finale ... ... more wefies

We actually wanted to walk to City Hall but it was way too congested, thus we detour & took the race track & head towards Raffles Place

and decide to take a rest & have a drink to quench our thirst at McDonald's Boat Quay while waiting for a more comfortable time to catch a cab home

We had so much fun at the concert & shall wait & see who's coming next year! Hopefully it's someone we like so we can go again!

Formula 1 | Singapore Grand Prix ... ... till we meet again!

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