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Monday, 29 September 2014

Purchase from Qoo10

Time for Qoo10 purchase again! This time I made a few purchases at a same time =D

Parcel #1 {4-USB Power Adapter from seller TrustStore @ $13}

The 4-USB Power Adapter that I had in the room suddenly die on me one night & the gadgets like iPad2, iPhone4S, Samsung S5 & the power bank is left half-charged. So gotta buy new one!

Parcel #2 {Charging Cables from seller ranging from $2 - $2.99}

Charging Cables for iPhone4S, iPad2, Samsung S5/ Note 3 & Micro USB

Parcel #3 {Waterproof Pouch from seller BLS_SG @ $9.90}

A bit lame lah, but yes... ... I bought waterproof pouch for my Samsung S5 I try to soak it in water for 6 hours & woots.. the piece of paper in the pouch is still dry! heehee.... no need waterproof camera when going  to the beach/ pool already.

Parcel #4 {Samsung Battery & battery Case for Note 3 from seller 1st @ $27 for a set}

Well, need to buy this cos my irritating sister lost her's @_@ 

Parcel #5 {8 Colors Nail Art Metallic Stripping Tape from seller D.Y.O.N @ $0.90 each}

Can't really see the colors clearly but it's Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Red

All the items are delivered within 2-5 working days! Pretty fast =) 

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