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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bricks Family Restaurant, Legoland Hotel

Day 2 at Legoland Hotel, breakfast is included for 5 at the Bricks Family Restaurant. As the boys wanted to go for a swim at the pool, we decided to go for early breakfast at 7 am! 

Before entering the restaurant.

Upon entering. It was near empty when we went at 7 am but crowd started coming in at about 8 am. So if you wanna get nice pictures, you know what time to hit the restaurant! 

While mum, sis & the boys go grab food, I go around the restaurant snapping some pictures of the Lego displays

The I also snap some pictures of the breakfast spread




Cheese & Cold Cut

Toppings for salad


Spread for the toasts

Freshly lay eggs from the Chicken?! hahaha

Sausages & Hams

Crackers for the cooked dishes. Didn't take picture of the cooked dishes cos most are covered, I didn't want to be seen suaku, so I didn't open up the lids to take pictures of the food =D


Porridge & other ingredients

Hot beverages. Sadly only coffee & tea is available. Dispenser shows choice of Milo, but both the machine is unable to dispense Milo =(

Pancakes with few types of topping selections

DIY your own noodles with Chicken & Prawn soup

Part of my breakfast.

Breakfast spread was quite intense but I wouldn't comment much on the taste of the food. One thing I would mention is, they are better in preparing local dishes. 

Service was quite prompt thou! 

One thing for sure, I'm very impressed with the amount of Lego displays in the restaurant! 

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