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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Le Chasseur - Dinner with Evil Sisters

First impromptu dinner in September with the Evil Sisters cos Sam wants some Chinese food before she goes for holiday & Angeline wants to pass us some homemade mooncake & kimchi!

Sam suggested Le Chasseur at Eunos cos she wants to try the claypot rice

Le Chasseur is located at a food center located within Eunos industrial park & they even have their very own tables & chairs, blocked within the food center 

Homemade grass jelly drink with wolfberry. Very refreshing taste but not very chilled.

Fried Chicken Wing is tender inside & crispy on the outside, yummy.

Ngoh Hiang is good. Juicy meat fillings with bits of crunchy water chestnuts within

Oyster Egg is ok, no wow factor

Sambal Kangkong with sambal at the side. Good for those who is unable to take spicy food

Skin of the Pork Knuckles is super crispy but some part of the meat is a little dry & tough. Overall is still good. One of the must-order!

Claypot Rice

Claypot rice is served without sauce on the rice, but staff will add the sauce & mix the rice on the spot.

Rice is fragrant & full of ingredients such as chicken, chinese sausage & salted fish. Again this is a must-order!

Food for 4 girls. Ambitious? 

No! Cos there's one more dish - Assam Fish! The only complain I have about this dish is there's too much of the nonsense vegetables. Oh.. btw, I  reckon this is a female fish cos it has lipsticks on it =D

That's not all of what we had. We ordered another portion of Fried Chicken Wing & Ngoh Hiang! 

By this time, we were already very full. But when the staff asked if they can serve the Black Fungus, we were a little hesitant cos we're quite full & we thought of cancelling it but decided that we should still go ahead since it's already on the order list.

What?! Dessert? Seriously, we're expecting that it's a dish but it turns out to be dessert! It doesn't have the fungus feel it's quite cooling to have it after dinner

Food here was pretty good but sadly the business doesn't looks good. I hope they will be able to hold on to the business. 

Le Chasseur
Blk 27 Eunos Road 2, 
Singapore 409387
Tel: 63377677

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