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Friday, 3 October 2014

Rewardify! | Stand to Win something Everyday

Have you guys heard of Rewardify!

Rewardify is started by 3 young entrepreneurs based in Singapore who's dream is to create a platform where people from all walks of life can actually stand to win something every single day.

The Rewardify founders believe that with a platform like Rewardify, it will create more excitement, hope and happiness in people's lives as we can all look forward to winning something every day with no hidden terms & condition!

I've often Rewardify! appearing on my Facebook newsfeed but I've never taken part in any of the giveaway till Theresa posted the one on Jay Chou's concert. 

I decided to join all the available giveaway & ... ... ...

tada ~~~ I won! 

Yeah...  second of the eight giveaways I joined & I won!

Thus, I made a trip to Rewardify! and pick up my prize the next day =)

Here's my pair of wining ticket to Play:Live 2014 =)

If you have not heard of Rewardify!, head on & try your hands on the giveaways now! 

Good Luck, peeps! 

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