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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The King Louis Grill & Bar - Ee Ling's Birthday lunch

Hello Multiply girls, we meet again =)

We just met on Saturday evening for Halloween party and here we are at The King Louis on Sunday noon for Ee Ling's birthday celebration. She actually wanted Sushi Tei but since no reservations are allowed, we suggested another venue cos we have a total of 18 pax (including kids)
The King Louis is a castle themed restaurant with 2 man sized armored knights guarded at the main gate, furnished by specially crafted wooden furnituresAs Halloween is round the corner, the restaurant is decorated to allow patrons to be in the moodInitially we were assigned to this long table, but it was too glaring, we requested a change of tableThe kids are fascinated by the man sized armored knights.
As we're still waiting for more adults to arrive, we ordered food for kids first.
 Crusted Onion RingGolden Fries with Trio Dip - egg tartar, bbq & cheese dipPrincess Taisie's Fish & chips with fries & coleslaw, served with tartar saucePrincess Grace's Tomato SpaghettiPrince Alexander's Mac & CheesePlatter A - a combination of castle drumlets, bratwurst sausages, banana bacon bites & wedgesThe kiddos enjoying their food; feasting like Princes & PrincessA quick shot with the Queen of the dayWendy had Apple JuiceAnd the rest of the us had Bottomless Soda & I had an additional of Tropical Zest (RedBull+Calamasi juice)Princess Ji EunEnglish Style Caesar SaladPlatter C - a combination of castle drumlets, banana bacon bites, golden calamari, prawn twisters & crispy wedges. Was a little disappointed with the banana bacon bites cos it's only half wrapped with bacon. The rest of the items are pretty decentPlatter D - a combination of wine mussels, tomato mussels & garlic cream mussels. Fiona & Theresa shared the Classic Fish & ChipsPark & Angeline had Australian Roast Beef & Baked King PrawnSeafood Marina for JaniceThe Dragontail Aglio Olio for the Queen of the daySam's Pan Fried Fillet of SnapperAustralian Roast Beef & BBQ Back Ribs for me!Wahhh!!!! so huge! Apart from myself & Wendy who find the beef overdone & a little char at the side, the rest of the girls are quite satisfied with their choice. Group pix before we dig inAs soon as we finished with our meal, staffs came out with our cake for Ee LingQueen of the day =)Happy Birthday, Ee LingThe Queen with her King & princessOne more group pix =)
Once again, Happy Birthday Ee Ling =)

The King Louis Grill & Bar 
1 Harbourfront Walk #03-07A 
Vivocity Singapore 098585
Tel 6276 0862
Operating Hours
12.00pm - 10.00pm
Friday-Saturday & Eve of PH: 12:00pm - 11:00pm

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