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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Diwali 2014

Happy Diwali =)

As usual, the ATeam will spend the afternoon at our ATeam HQ (Kogu & Jenny's house)
Hey, who's legs are those? Wahh... sit like a King! Haha... this naughty boy lah! Always bully me cos I'm always the one who reaches the earliest I fall asleep on the sofa, then he went into the room, took his bucket of bugs & put all over me =(Since I'm up from my nap, I help Jenny to babysit Heeran for awhile cos she needs to get something done. Boy is super grouchy cos lack of sleep
Since Prakash is on the way from his sister's place,  asked him to buy a cake for Nizam cos we didn't have the time to celebrate with him last weekHappy Belated Birthday, NizamSignature pose from the 2 boys =D Haha.. boy giving the grouchy look cos he wants to eat only the cream but I insist he eat the entire cake to avoid wasteDinner was Kogu's mum's usual dishes; Briyani - loves the briyani cos it doesn't have the "bomb" (some kind of spice) that gives out a weird taste when bite.Sambal ChickenMutton Curry - I ain't a fan of mutton cos of the smell, but auntie's mutton curry doesn't have the typical smell cos she cooks the mutton using pressure cooker & she double cook it to remove the smellBlack pepper PrawnThe boys after showerEngrossed in eating grapesNot very lucky this time. Almost every round someone "hijack" my win even when I'm calling those super easy numbers =(Demoralized; in serious need of Diwali goodiesSpot something funny? Yes! Rio is in leash!

Kogu's cousin came & her daughter brought along her hammie, Rio. Seriously, it's the first time I see hammie in leash =D  
Rio munching on some Diwali goodie

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