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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Multiply's Halloween Party

Woohoo~~ It's the Multiply's Halloween Party!!  Hazel is again the host & so we're all back at The Raintree for the get-together over fun & yummy food from all the girls =)

My nephews choose to be Super Heros this year instead of the usual pumpkin kids

Devil meets female Dracula
Hazel prepared chips with cheese sauce for the kids

Wah... Porcupine in the house! Who prepared this super cute guy? 

Ooh... Theresa bought fishballs & the Porcupine! *oops.. blur

Top Shell & Clams ~ Heh... one look can tell this is prepared by which girl!

Bloodshot Eyeball @_@

Spiders? Did you guess it right? Yes. Top Shell, Clams, Bloodshot Eyeballs & Spider biscuits are one by me.

Fried Mee Siam
Baked Pasta (cream base)
Baked Pasta (tomato base) - All prepared by Hazel

Chap Chye from Fiona

Bak Kwa from Sam. The lesser one is chicken bak kwa, specially for Theresa who doesn't consume pork

Chicken Wings by Cheryl
Eyeballs?Halloween themed cookiesHalloween theme cuppies by ... ...Angeline ~ our super talented baker!Potato & Ham SaladLynette, apart from coming with the salad, she also prepared customized chips & kitkats for the kids. OMG, tough work to stick one by one lehThen we try to get the kids to take a picture with the bats decorated wall cos Hazel took great effort in cutting out the bats of different sizesAlyssa's hair was almost wet already, so I pleat her hair for her so that she don't feel so hotHello, who are these 2 arh? why play with my nephew's mask? =DOk lah, since Hazel took the effort to decorate the walls, we almost must take picture right? Eh, what are the kids doing?Oh~ There's Zumba lesson for the kids!The kids dancingBigger boys are not too keen, so they stick to their gamesSuper Thanks to my friend, Rebecca for coming with her friend to give the kids an hour of Zumba session. Thanks, babe!Ok, more picturesWahaha... wefie with monopod! Cheers to many years of friendship =)An official group pix of all the girls at the partyMore wefie(s)!All started getting wacky =DHey, a little boy photobomb us =DMore wacky wefie(s)Ok, time for kids group pixaiya.. so difficult to get group pix of kidsWefie(s) with the kidsHaha.. Mr Goh photobomb!Ending the party with little batman =)
Thanks each & everyone for the taking time & effort in making the Halloween party a fun one! 

Once again, Thanks Hazel for being a great host =) 

Looking forward to our yearly Christmas party in 2 months time! 

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