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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Uncle Jeff's House-warming

Uncle Jeff who has just bought an unit at Coastal View Residence invited us over for his house-warming + BBQ, and each family is supposed to bring some food over.. haha.. in then end, there were plenty of food! I didn't really eat much cos I have another steamboat session!

Coastal View Residences

Jack swimming with daddy

what do female cousins do when they get together? take pictures one after another! 

the boys (my nephews) helping to start fire for BBQ! 

Ms Tam-Jiaks caught in the act! 

my 2 other nephews


cousins trying to get Nathan to take picture together.. 

Uncle Jeff helping out aunty Priscilla in BBQ-ing

50% of the food available! I hope the finish the food yo! 

**sorry girls, couldn't mahjong cos got another appt! Let's fix another day yo! Berlyn, if you happen to read this, we have yet to go to your place for steamboat! 


Zerohearts said...

hahahhaaa !!! yes i know that!! pls arrange??? the other time we almost made it for Mandy's bday and then nothing happened....

i will try again soon ok?!!!

Pauline Tan said...

we can plan when we meet on Thursday =)