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Friday, 21 September 2012

Feet got Kissed!

ooh~~ la~~ la~~ 
check out the chio pink wedges on my feet! 

cute & chio right? 

but hor... it kissed my feet! 1 unbroken blister on right sole, plus 1 at the back.. & 1 huge broken blister on the left! The one one the left is so hug I have to out 3 normal plaster together to cover it up, and it's bad till I walk also bai-kar (cripple)!

no choice, but to drag myself to Guardian Pharmacy after work to buy this film dressing from Opsite! 

than I saw this Blister plaster from Hansaplast! Freaking expensive can! It's $12 for only 5 piece, but it's quite good! stick one on the huge broken blister on left foot, and the broken blister actually heel about 50% of it!

after 2 plasters, it's finally heeling! 

and I also bought this spray-on dressing, also from Opsite. This dries up the unbroken blister on my right sole before it gets worst! Super like this but it has been out of stock for quite sometime.So happy to have found this again! 

Now the question is... ... should I still try to wear the chio pink wedges? hmmm... ...

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