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Friday, 21 September 2012

Pasta Perfetto ~~

Boss bought us lunch on Tuesday & so we had lunch from Pizza Hut again! Well, what else is new when you  dine in & ordered delivery right? Especially when we're at Jurong Fishery Port - one of the super ulu corner in Singapore!

Not sure if you're aware, but Pizza hut has started delivering the Pasta sometime back! Personally, I find it's something to rejoice cos I'm a fast-food fan & I totally love the idea of having hot pasta being delivered to my doorstep! 

Boss wanted to try out Pizza Hut's pasta delivery, so we ended up ordering 5 pastas & only 1 pizza! 

The pastas are delivered in their hot pouch so that you get your pizza delivered hot!  Pasta & sauce were packed separately in a round container.

Sylvester is the only guy who ordered Pizza.. boo~~ 

we took up the online promo of 2 pasta & 6 mini hashbrown for only $16.90

we also ordered Spicy drumlets! What's Pizza Hut lunch without Spicy drumlets right?

and not forgetting.. Garlic Bread. 

wheet~ Happy Lunch = Happy Me :)


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