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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Mum

Mum's Birthday dinner!

Venue - Fatty Fong Seafood @ Blk 58 Upper Changi Road

Mum with Damien

Need I intro them? okay, for the benefit of those who are new, that my sis, my BIL, & their 2 boys - Daryl & Damien

Joshua & Luke, my bro's boys

my bro, SIL & their youngest boy, Nathan

Nathan's current favorite pose! haha

okay, enough introduction of my family members.. now, let's take a peek of what we ordered

Fried Mee suah.. erm, somehow this looks like beehoon gorend pattaya! haha

pork ribs

nai bai

steam fish

cereal prawn - cereal more than anything else! 

hot plate tofu

yam ring

prawn paste chicken - we reckon this is being served to the wrong table cos we didn't order this.. but well, since they already served it to us, we just take lah.. 

salted egg crab

haha.. Nathan still with his favorite pose

what else is new after dinner? the boys self-entertaining with my iPad! 

**Oops! just realize there's no family photo taken during the dinner & I'm nowhere to be seen! Well, that's usually what happens when I'm the camera man woman! haha

Anyway... ... Happy Birthday, Mum!

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