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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Voodoos' Night Out to 1 Altitude

We have been talking about going for a chill-out session at 1 Altitude for so long, and finally it has happened! 

since we're heading to One Raffles Place & we needed something to fill out empty stomach before we start drinking, we met up at Boat Quay tcc for dinner.

as usual, me & Ivy are the first to reach.

Shrimp Martini, part of the appetizer for us to nibble on before our main course is being served

my choice of main - Seafood Aglio Olio

the girls cam-whoring while waiting for my dessert

when it comes to dessert, there's only 1 choice - dark devotion

after dinner, we headed to 1 Altitude, One Raffles Place for our chill-out session! 

cover charge? it's $25, inclusive of a drink & after looking at the list, I decided to just settle for Lychee Martini

snap a pix with Erick & Spencer while waiting for my drink to be ready

the girls 

the guys

the Lychee Martini gang

& the non Lychee Martini gang

snap a few pix (with my old Samsung) of the laser show from MBS while at 1 Altitude. After hanging around at 1 Altitude for awhile, we decided to change venue cos no seats available & we were tired of standing!

we than proceed to Hood Bar & Cafe at the new Bugis+

Bailey's for the first drink!

Okay lah, the reason why we're at Hood Bar is because my cousin, Alvyn is the drummer of PennyLin, & they're taking the stage last Saturday night! 

we also ordered some finger food.. from this picture, I'm sure all of you knows what is this! haha.. yes, it's luncheon meat! 

Ivy also ordered mussels 

I also ordered another Kilkenny cos Bailey's too little to even sooth my throat! haha

after hanging out for awhile, we decided to call it a day (or rather, night) cos Spencer is getting tired! 

Yeah, quality Saturday evening spent! Looking forward to the next Voodoo's gathering =)

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