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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Heeran's Naming Ceremony

Kogu & Jenny welcomes their 2nd baby boy on 16 Aug 2012, and we were invited to attend the baby's Naming Ceremony

I was the first to reach, so I took a few pictures with the kor kor, K. Keeren Yan Zhe

While the grandma was preparing the stuffs for ritual, I went on to take picture with the 2 Chinese-Indian boys

Soon, the ceremony is about to begin. Here's the stuffs prepared for the ritual. all items are to be placed on the floor of the baby's room 

and mummy has to start the ritual, followed by both grandmas & all other aunties in the room (okay, only females are allowed in the room)! 

once everyone's done, its baby's turn to pray! baby has to be naked & placed on the floor during the ritual. Supposedly, the baby has the be hold upside-down & swing on top of the stuffs during the ritual, but this time, it was more simple.The lady in-charge of doing it carry the baby upright & just go round the stuffs. After which, the baby's aunty will have to dress up the baby & to call the baby by the name into his ear! 

and so... ... the baby is now officially known as Heeran Yan Kai K.

As the rice & curry used for the ritual is only meant for ladies to eat, Kogu's mum cooked other dishes for all other guests. That includes her specialty: mutton curry, sambal chicken & sambal prawn!

 after dinner, we had chocolates from Shangri-La & wine from the hamper sent to Jenny by a Minister! Prakash is arrowed to open the wine cos Kogu has no idea how to do it! haha

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