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Sunday, 9 September 2012


Company's yearly 7th month praying & dinner is here again. This is the 3rd time I'm attending such dinner. For the past 2 years, the venue was at ALPS Warehouse. This year the venue has changed to Changi North Way cos the previous is no longer one of our company's facility. 

Venue this year - Changi North Way

The stage set-up. Stuffs up for bidding is not as much compared to the previous 2 years

This year's caterer - Low Wong Heng Food Catering

It's almost 8pm already & it's still not starting!

All we have is only drinks & the small little plate of braised peanuts

Dinner finally started at 8.15pm, with Combination Platter:
which consist of prawn roll, bak gua, prawn salad, jelly fish, century egg & octopus

Herbal Chicken & Fish Maw Soup

Sharks Fin

Braised Duck

Teochew Styled Steam Pomfret

Spinach with 2 types of mushroom

Prawn w/mayo

Kong Bak Bao (Braised pork w/steam bun)

and lastly, my favorite dessert - Yam Paste!

Dinner this year ended quite early as there wasn't much things available for bidding. I wonder if the "earnings" from this year is enough to get 1 more running for the next year. Anyway, guys from our facility didn't bid anything at all, so I reckon we won't have any seats next year. 

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