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Friday, 21 September 2012

Heeren's Meet-the-Folks Session

Heeren's Meet-the-Folks Session? The Indians address it meet-the-folks session while we Chinese adress it 满月! Why so funny? Cos this boy's daddy is an Indian & mummy's a Chinese.. and as a Chinese-Indian boy, he doesn't have a traditional Indian name lah.. so what is his full name?

It's Heeran Yan Kai K. 

The gift from Heeran's parents

Diaper Cake from us, the Ateam to Heeran by Truly Yours Hamper & Gifts

cute mini-cupcakes the mummy ordered

oh.. tt's P for Pauline!

and P for Prakash! haha

buffet from Delihub Catering

satay man

Heeran's elder brother - Keeren Yan Zhe

part of the Ateam

and what do we do when we meet?

Mahjong! this is part of my winning tiles that helped me earn $60

Special angbao packet from Rafi!

Prakash collecting some baby luck for his wife!

me? haha.. the daddy pass the baby to me cos the mummy's taking shower! 

Happy Full-Month, Heeran! May u be as bubbly as your korkor! 

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