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Saturday, 29 September 2012

CCSS-ians goes Buffet Town

When the CCSS-ians meet!
*for the benefit to those who might not know, CCSS-ians refers to my school mates from Chai Chee Secondary School =)

We have not meet up for 2-3 months cos everyone is busy with their own stuff & we finally met last night! Emily suggested dinner at Buffet Town since we didn't manage to secure a booking months back.

I would say, for the price of $39.80++ on a Friday night, it's quite a steal cos you get unlimited supply of Fresh Oysters. Unlike Todai, where you can only pick up 2 at a time. Plus there's a wide varitey of food. But well, I think for around that price, I still prefer Kushin Bo!

Buffet Town @ Basement of Raffles City

My first 4 helpings; Scallops, Prawns, Oysters, Sashimi, Crayfish & some Nonya dishes

Next 4 helpings: Chili Crab, local delights, more Sashimi & Oysters!

 few more Kueh Paiti, a bowl of duck w/mustard green soup follow by desserts

That's Jean (my classmate) & Emily's teenage son

myself & Emily Goh, 1 year our junior in School

After dinner, we went McDonald's to meet up with Emily Loo as she couldn't join us for dinner cos she has a trial Hot Yoga class at Vivo, and then meet up with Anthony before cheong-ing to Marina Bay Sands to check if there is any charging cable/adapter for his iPhone5! *his 1wk old iPhone5 charger gone bonkers & short-circuit both his & Emily Loo's additional power bank! 

Couldn't get cable for iPhone5, so we went Toast Box for kopi & roti while he finally had his dinner at 12am! 

I had the Hebi Hiam toast set w/2 eggs! 

**I hope Anthony manage to get a charging cable from M1 today cos I ask him to go demand one since he bought the phone there & they don't have any additional charging cable available for sale

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