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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Carol's House-warming

The BFF finally got her very own Love-nest after living under her MIL's roof for more than 10 years!

We were all invited to her house-warming last Sunday, but a lot of them couldn't make it as we have another baby shower to attend. Let's tale a quick peek at her new nest!

DBSS 4-room in Toa Payoh

her Black & White TV consol

Her daughter, Amelia's Hello Kitty room! 

and the 轰动一时's McDonald's Snoopy was also hanging in Amelia's room!

her MBR

the cute Hello Kitty jelly made from the silicon ice-cube tray I gave her before her new house is here! 

Part of the balcony wall

and the silly girl come knocking on my forehead while im siting at balcony with few other friends

than I ask her to make me a cup of coke! haha

Thanks to the bff's house-warming, I get to meet Cindy too!

and our relationship starts from 17 years ago!

okay, Jimmy & his wife was there too! 

It's nice catching up with them! 

**Carol, please get your things unpacked fast so that we can start out baking session together soon! 

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