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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Steamboat w/The Girls

It was suppose to be a gathering for the Multiply Girls to enjoy mooncakes at Angeline's place, but since the attendance is quite low, Fiona suggested we have steamboat instead!

steamboat prepared with love by Angeline

that's me & Eeling

Angeline & her big-eyed boy, Jaycus (her no.2)

Fiona's Davion.. so difficult to get him to take picture together

Eeling's Miss Koreans

while we were siting around gossiping, Jaycus suddenly went into his "drama" mood, so we decided to quickly take a group pix before we call it a day

a group pix for the night, with me looking like a preggie! haha

oh yes. before we left, Angeline is so nice to even gave us 6pc of home-made snowskin mooncakes! The molds are so cute.. makes me wanna learn how to make them too! 

and Thanks Sam for helping me to buy these vegetable crackers! 

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