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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Baking the "play cheat" Muffin

I finally bought a new oven with proper temperature setting few days ago after the small convention oven kaput! One day, Daryl says that he wants to try to make cupcake, so yesterday I told sis to buy a pack or cupcake mix when she goes to buy groceries at NTUC. Instead of buying cupcake mix, she bought Muffin mix from Betty Crocker. 

Since there's no baking stuffs at home, I went Giant to buy some of the baking needs

This silicone 'bend & bake" mini muffin tray from wiltshire is very cool lah. U just need to bend the silicone tray & you'll be able to remove the muffins! It comes with a recipe too! 

Anyway, here are the ingredients need for the muffin mix. 
One packet of Betty Crocker muffin mix, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup vegetable oil & 2 eggs

Stir the water, vegetable oil & eggs till blended, pour in Betty Crocker muffin mix & stir till lumpy

The boys giving a helping hand!

Once it's ready, back at 425*F (218*C) for 10-12mins

The boys fooling around while waiting for the muffins to be baked!

10 mins pasted & Ding~ Ready!

tadaa~~ erm, slightly burnt at the bottom thou.. but taste good! 

Daryl enjoying the muffin & even says he wanna bring 3 to school tomorrow cos himself & 2 of his best friends! 

Since there is an option of making the muffin mix into a quick bread, I decided to try it out using the remaining mix! 

Once it's ready, bake it at 375*F (190*C) for 40-45mins

40mins later... Ding~ it's ready!

haha.. again, a littlt burnt at the side & bottom

after slicing the burnt part away, here's the final product! 

Looks good? Yes, it's good! and it's pretty soft! 

Shall bring this for tomorrow's breakfast (if there's left over)! 


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Pauline said...

I have one more box, but is Blueberry mix. I'm gonna put chocolate chips into the mix also.. hee