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Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Vivian

Met up with the girls at TGIFridays, 112 Katong for Birthday lunch celebration with Vivian.

Food was good, but there are rooms for improvement on service standards. Sam wanted to cancel the brownie she ordered, but was told that they have already keyed into system, thus cannot cancel; no one refill ice-water; when we ask for bill, it took them almost 20mins to bring the bill to us (after asking it for 2nd time)!

112 Katong - my Virgin trip here!

Lunch Venue - TGIFridays. There last time I dine at TGIF was like 18 years ago when they're still located at the glass house beside Park Mall!

The kiddos. Cheryl self-entertaining herself with mummy's phone, and when the food comes, she quietly finish up the entire plate of pasta on her own! 

that's me, snapping pix with the kiddos while waiting for food

some of appetizer we ordered to nibble on before our mains are being served:
Fried Mushroom, Potato Skin loaded with cheese & bacon bits; Tuna with Avocado & Tortilla Chips

The girls =)

some of our mains:
JD Steak & Shrimp, Cajun Chicken Pasta; Baby Back Ribs

The Birthday Girl & her cute boy, Cedric

Brownie is on the house for the Birthday girl.

Cedric.. so cute & forever camera-ready!

we then headed to this Little Cravings Cafe for a cup of coffee/tea before splitting! 

Once again, Happy Birthday, Vivian =)

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