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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Triple-O's, Orchard Tower

On my way home, met up with Evelyn at Orchard for late lunch. I suggested Triple-O's cos she's a sucker for burger! Triple O’s founded in 1924 serve burgers, fries and hand scooped shakes! 

At 3pm, the restaurant is totally empty when we're there!

Prices are quite reasonable

Burgers were made-to-order, but we didn't wait long for it to be served 

My order was the Cheddar Bacon, $9.90 (I requested for the cheese to be removed). Beef patty is tender & juicy; while the bacon is crispy! Not quite sure what's the sauce inside but it sure taste good. Pickle on top of the bun can be eaten on it;s own or placed it in the burger. I opt to put it in & together with the lettuce, it gives another crunchy feel

I opt to change the normal Fries to Sweet Potato Fries. Unfortunately, it was quite a disappointment. It is rather bland & it turns soggy after awhile. I still prefer the Sweet Potato Nibbles from Skinny Pizza

The burger was good & I would definitely be back to try more of the other burgers!

We were supposed to have this for late lunch & finish off with dessert somewhere else as dinner. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen reason, I decided to go home after the lunch. 

Address: Orchard Towers, 
400 Orchard Road #01-29C
Tel: +65 6735 0002


Theresa Lee said...

Bring me there next time heehee

Pauline Tan said...

Sure! I wanna go Vegan Burger near ur place also