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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Skinny Pizza, Plaza Singapura

Carol called on Friday morning, asking if I'm free cos she meeting Irene for dinner & asked if I wanna join them. We meet up at Plaza Singapura & since Carol has staff discount, we settled our dinner at Skinny Pizza

Both Carol & myself wanted a mocktail with Lychee (Can't remember the exact name) but were told that they ran out of Lychee, so she settled for mixed berry while I settle for Pink Grapefruit & Elder Flower

While looking tru the menu, I saw something interesting & decided to give it a try & it's called Pizza Pop in Vietnamese Coconut Poached Chicken! But how does it works? Watch the video below!

You're supposed to break the pizza & all the toppings will drop into the "hole". It's kind of interesting but I still prefer the standard pizza. The crust is even thinner than the usual pizza, but it turns soggy once it soak up the sauce from the topping. The crust is also kind of powdery too. Topping is nice as the chicken is very tender; sauce is slightly sour & spicy; and it's without cheese (yesh.. cos I don't eat cheese if given a choice)! 

Carol's Bolognese with Mozzarella 

Irene sticks to The Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine cos she says it's the safest choice 

Initially wanted a 1-meter long Beef sausage + 3 other sides, but one of the side (Sweet Potato Nibbles) is not available, so we changed to a 1/2-meter Beef Sausage + 3 other sides (pictures below)

1/2-meter Chicken Sausage (a little spicy)

Truffle Fries - a little disappointing cos it's a little bland

Parsley Mashed Potato. Ain't a fan of parsley but this doesn't have the weird parsley taste. However, I find this a little too buttery & creamy

We hang around & chit chat till the store is closed! =D

Pictures before we part =)

Although we were a little disappointed due to items not available, the service rendered by the staffs & managers were great. They were all very friendly & attentive. 

Skinny Pizza Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#03-79/83, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6884 8381
Opens Daily
1100-2200 HRS (Last Order at 2130HRS)

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