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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Retrolicious Night

It's KFC/ Pizza Hut's Annual Dinner & Dance. Being working partners & with a little sponsorship, we're invited. This year, it's back to Fairmont Singapore & the theme for this year is... ... Retrolicious Night

Since my cousin, Cherilyn's wig is still with me, I decided to dressed a little to match the theme. With the Pink Wig, I wore a Black Polkadot top, Neon Pink mini-skirt & sis's high-cut boots. Not super Retro, but can lah.. ... cos I only got the invitation card 4 days before the actual event

My boss, Sandy (KFC SCM), myself, Vivian (my colleague), Vicky (KFC QA)

Fred (KFC Logistics Mgr)

Angelia Quek (Sales & Events Mgr)

Maggie (KFC SCM)

Some pictures taken with the few ladies from the SCM/ QA & Sales team

Out of sudden, I saw a man standing near me & he looks super familiar. I sort-of "stare" at him for awhile & realized that he is none other than Albert Chan, one of my ex-RM from McDonald's! We worked together way back in 1991 when we set-up McDonald's King Albert Park & he quite after the store has settled down & we lost contact ever since. I was like 17years old back then. Wow~~ time flies. It's been almost 22 years since we last met & he still looks good. 

Our assigned table.

Zahrah (KFC Finance)

Lilian (KFC Finance). A lot of them says she looks like me. What do you think?

Vincent (KFC Ops - Area Manager)

Yvonne (KFC HFC RGM)

Felix (KFC JE2 RGM) - one of the most easy-going mgr I worked with

Mei Hwei (KFC WM RGM), Joanne (KFC PP RGM), Alvin (KFC CTP RGM) & Sandy. Alvin also happens to be my Secondary Classmate!

Clara & Maggie (SCM)

When I came back from the restroom, this guy is already performing on stage, so I didn't get to hear the emcee introduce the name, but he sure sound like William Scorpion

As usual, they have this "Best dressed" competition for all departments & this year, SCM & QA won the title.

Food so-so only. Nothing to rave about

As usual, last pix of the day is with Hazel (KFC MKTG)

Door gift - Tumblr & a multi-pot USB in shape of cassette tape =D

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