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Friday, 4 October 2013

Beach Road Hawker Center

Impromptu dinner meet-up with the A-Team cos we have not met for more than a month. Met-up at Beach Road Hawker Centre. Don't ask me these food items are ordered from which stall cos I'm not the one ordering =D

Satay for sharing. Meat is very tender but the sauce doesn't have much peanut flavor

Bakso with too much beansprouts the soup also taste like beansprout soup

Nizam's Muslim horfun

Japanese Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice. Chicken is very tender yet crispy on the outside. Curry is not spicy & only quite a few potatoe

Chicken Cutlet Rice

Tulang - the reason why they choose to eat here

Seriously I don't quite understand what's so good about tulang. Nizam says this is the best part of tulang

Prakash's mix beef or something, The usual stuff he eat

Roti John for sharing but only Kogu, Nizam & Rafi ate it

Kogu also ordered Fried Chicken Wing but he forgot all about it. When he finally remembered & went to collect it, we were all full & I end up tabao-ing back home

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