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Monday, 21 October 2013


If you're one of my Facebook friend or have been following me on Twitter & Instagram, you would have noticed that I've been posting some Comic strips. The application for making these comic strips is called Bitstrips. 

In case you  have not seen them, here are some of my comic strips done since Friday

Friday noon after a heavy lunch

At 5.15pm.. happee~~

Then I met the girls to collect voucher at OpenRice, followed by dinner at Skinny Pizza

After dinner, we went to Robert Timms for coffee

After a heavy downpour on Friday night, I prayed for good weather on Saturday morning cos I'll be heading to the Retrolicious Reunion Conert at Fort Canning Park. It's an open-air concert, so I really need good weather

After work on Saturday, I head to EatPlayLove Cafe to attend Kathleen's 3rd Birthday Party

After Kathleen's birthday party, me & Sam went to meet my Sec School mates & we all went for the Retrolicious Reunion Concert at Fort Canning Park!

Reach home close to 1am & immediately hit the bed after shower cos super shag after jumping for close to 3hrs!

Sunday evening hitched a ride from Ee Ling to Lai Huat for her birthday dinner & yesh.. I can't help but at her cos her seat is very front & she says her legs are too short.. lol

Dinner at Lai Huat for Eeling & JiHye's birthday

Just awhile ago, myself & colleague realized why the aircon in office is always hot & stuffy, especially after lunch!

This application is quite funny lah.. but the loading can be quite slow & some comics are always overloaded. Sometimes qit's quite difficult to find the correct background picture too. 

Anyway, if you have not downloaded this, quickly download it & have fun together! 

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