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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant

Time for Ee Ling's Birthday celebration. This time, instead of going to restaurant, we went Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant for some tzi char food.

As usual, fooling around with Ji Hye in the car

It's rare Janice & Yuhui join us.

Birthday Girl(s)

The Goh Family

It's also quite rare for Cheryl & Beverly to join us. 

Kids.. Kids.. Playing game before food came

Few pictures of the kids

First dish of the night - Longevity Buns, $16. This is out-sourced by restaurant owner upon request 

We didn't buy any cake. Thus, used this as a "cake"

(Old) Birthday Girl, Ee Ling                                        **oops, a little blur

Another Birthday Girl, Ji Hye. Her birthday & her mum's birthday is 1 day apart, so we also celebrated for her

Cold Dish, $60 This is also available only upon request. The dish consists of Fried Crab Claw & Scallop, which I find both are full of flour; Century Egg with ginger slice; Jellyfish in Thai chili sauce; Abalone slices & Scramble Egg with... Sharks Fin!

The Shark's Fin in the Scramble Egg

18 of us, thus we combined 2 tables

Steam White Pomfret, $30

Kweng... Kweng... Kweng... I'm on budget, thus only eat white rice with salted vegetables from the steam fish =D **joking lah

Fiona only eats the fish bones =D **oops.. another joke

Fried Mee Suah, $20 is full of ingredients

Black Pepper Crayfish, $36. Personally, I find the black pepper too overwhelming I practically taste nothing else except black pepper

Crispy Baby Squid, $15 is sweet but some of it are a little too chewy

The Signature Sambal White Promfet, $30. The sambal taste nice but somehow I find it taste a little too much like dried shrimp. Fish used is White Promfet & I find it a little over fried. Also, I would prefer it if it's Black Promfet being used.

Fiona, the waitress of the night helps to cut the fish

Fish Maw Soup, $30. Although it's full of ingredients, it's kind-of tasteless & the soup is too watery

Prawn Paste Chicken, $12

Prawn Omelette, $12

Fried Beancurd, $16. Fiona was raving about this but I personally find it nothing to rave about. Crispy on the outside, but the texture inside is like "steam egg being frozen, defrosted & microwaved, then finally deep fried". The oil also has this "over-used" smell.

Broccoli with Scallops, $20. Scallop & Broccoli are slightly over-cooked.

Group picture after dinner! 

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant (来发海鲜菜馆) 
Address: 72 Horne Road
Tel: 6299 3024

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