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Monday, 21 October 2013

Kathleen's 3rd Birthday

It's Kathleen's 3rd Birthday. Candice & hubby invited us to celebrate with them at EatPlayLove Cafe

Theresa picked me up from Tanah Merah MRT Station & Miss Alyssa was fooling around in the car with the light stick Theresa gave me cos I'm going to the Retrolicious Reunion Concert

Sam message Angeline saying that the venue is still quite messy, so we hang around at the nearby coffee shop

Since I was here a week ago, I didn't take much picture of the venue

The craft corner. I just realized these are actually dried pastas with colors. The kiddos used that to make necklace & bracelets

*Alamak, Theresa.. why you make Gareth cry?

Food catered by the cafe

While the kids are happily making necklaces & braclets

The adults were busy blowing bubbles =D

Kathleen's pretty Red Velvet Cake

The happy family of 4

Happy Birthday, Kathleen

A rare group picture

Goody Bag from the host

Thanks Candice & hubby for the invite. Once again... ... 
Happy Birthday, Kathleen

EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918
Tel: 6444 6400
Open 12pm to 10pm Daily, Closed on Tuesdays
Kitchen closes 3pm to 6pm, except weekends & PH

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