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Monday, 28 October 2013

Parcel from Qoo10

2 pack of parcels arrived at home from Qoo10. Guess what I bought this time? 

Parcel 1: Wing Wing Ball, $5.45 each (inclusive of shipping) - Mosquito Bugs Repellent Band from The JD

I am quite prone to mosquito bites, so I decided to order online for my future outdoor activity. It's supposed to be odor-free, but I have yet to try it. It comes in 2 colors (Blue & Pink), so I bought 4 of each! **siao! =D

Parcel 2: Padded Bicycle Shorts, $26.81 (Free Shipping) from Hotsells

The Voodoos are kind-of crazy on cycling lately. For the 2 times that I went with them, I find my seat bone very painful after cycling even though I only cycle for less than 2 hours. Thus, I decided to buy a padded bicycle shorts to see if it helps.

Available in few colors but I opt for black co that it' not so ugly if worn under any other shorts

Padded cushion inside the shorts

The seller also tag along a 'Love" charm in the package =)

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