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Monday, 21 October 2013

Retrolicious Reunion 2013

It's... ... the Retrolicious Reunion Concert & I'm going with Anthony & EmilyL again. This year we have EmilyG, Randy, Jean & Sam joining us!

Stuffs I prepare for the concert. Picnic Mat, Mozzie Patch, Biore Powder Sheet, Poncho & Light Sticks from theresa

Our tickets. We bought the tickets on first day of sale, thus we only paid $103 instead of $125

Anthony parked his car near this underground & it leads directly to the entrance

Some flash lights given free to all at the entrance

Anyone remembers Singa?


Some free instant print we got

And... ... the party's gonna start in a minute!

The concert start off with Belinda Carlise taking the stage first with Runaway Horses

Rick Astley takes the stage next & after some contest, Bananarama takes the stage last

and they end the show with Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye as confetti sprayed over the crowd

Some videos taken by Sam during the concert by Berlinda Carlise, Rick Astley & Bananarama

It was an awesome night & I hope it will remain as awesome next year!

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