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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Zombie invaded Orchard Cineleisure!

Oh no ~~ Zombie has invaded Orchard Cineleisure! 

Wait! Are you kidding me? 

Nah... ... it's just mascots from the game - Plants Vs Zombie 2

Not only they're there promoting the game, they're also doing their part for Charity. The pop-up truck acts as a on-the-go-kitchen for preparing snacks. With a small donation, you can choose to have either Tofu Taco, Fish Taco or Fries with Zombie Dust! All proceeds goes to Club Rainbow Singapore

The cute Sunflower Plant that gives out energy for you to earn points & but more plants to defend your home against the Zombies

One of the many Zombies - Conehead =D

I was actually expecting to get the plush, but in order to get the plush, you gotta install the game on the spot. I've already installed the game few days back, so I didn't manage to get the plush which is more like a bag charm. 

Since I'm already there, I went to make a donation of $10. Don't be mistaken arh, I'm not so bad to take 4 cups of fries with my $10 lah (dangz.. I see people donating $0.50!)... These are taken from 4 different angles. 

Those of you who have not installed this game, try installing it (Free from App Store/ Play Store) & have some fun cracking your brain juice on how to defend the Zombies from getting into your house & eating up your brain. =D

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