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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Soup Spoon Union & Fruit Paradise

Friday dinner with Angela & Ivy. We were supposed to go for a chill out session at Timbre but we changed the venue to The Soup Spoon Union as I had very bad gastric in the morning. 

The Soup Spoon Union - a new concept where they merge The Soup Spoon, The Hand Burger, Soup Broth Asia & Mill Press Brew together. Customers are able to choose from 4 different food joints while seated at 1 restaurant. 

Condiments available to all tables

Waiting electronic number is given should you need to wait for your food. While most places requires you to bring the electronic tag to the counter when it buzz, here they will locate you when it buzz

My meal Soup + half salad + Ice lemon Tea

Half Caesar Salad. I forgot to ask for it to be served without cheese, so gotta make do with it. Luckily the smell isn't that strong

I opt for Toyko Chicken Stew Soup with generous servings of chicken, lotus root, golden mushroom, carrots. Soup is sweet & all the ingredients are very soft.

I also ordered a portion of Spicy Wedges for us to share but the girls are quite full from their own soup & burger, thus we couldn't finish this

Angela had Boston Clam Chowder Soup + half Asia Tofu Salad + Ice Lemon Tea

Ivy's Chicken Caesar Burger meal. She was expecting the Chicken to be grilled but it was fried. However, no complains from her.

We went shopping around cos we were quite full from the dinner & happen to see this Singlish Calendar in a shop. Every month, date & day has an individual Singlish on it. We went ahead to check out what out Birthday this years says & mine ended up saying "Jin Suay Ah!" =D

After shopping, we went Fruit Paradise for dessert

I had a pot of Pink Rose Bud Tea & a slice of Nutty Caramel

Salty Caramel cream on sponge cake with mixed nuts & fresh fruits. Salty caramel is salty while the fruits & nuts are sweet. Both saltiness & sweetness blends together quite nicely

The girls shared a slice of Mango. I didn't try this cos it's with cheese cream but the girls love it.

Angela's coffee

We didn't stay very long here cos the air-con is very stuffy

The Soup Spoon Union
Raffles City Shopping Centre, 
252 North Bridge Road #B1-45, City Hall, 
Singapore 179103
Tel: 63343220
Sun - Thu 10.30am-10.00pm
Fri & Sat 10.30am - 10.30pm

Fruit Paradise
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44F, 
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6333 4849

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