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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bear Bites 熊の食 - Cute Bear Paw Burgers

I'm sure by now most of you are well aware of the Cute Taiwanese Bear Paw Burger. It has been making it's waves at Instagram lately! Since I'm at Orchard & has the time to spare, I decided to check out

How to go about ordering? 

3 simple steps to ordering the Bear Bites Burger
Step 1: Choose between Crispy Karaage Chicken and Oishi Fish Fillet
Step 2: Choose a bun – flavors include original milk, brown sugar, oat, yam, curry, squid ink and strawberry (seasonal)
Step 3: Choose a sauce – mushroom, tartar, Thai, honey mustard, black pepper, golden cheese *add $.20 for selected sauces

At $7.80 for a chicken and $8.80 for fish set with drinks and fries (add $1 for cheese fries), the price is still quite youth-friendly compared to most fast-food restaurants.

It was very crowded at 3pm on a hot Saturday noon & it took me about 30 mins to secure a seat. Most tables are occupied but without any food seen on the table. 

The first thought that came to my mind is .. "Alamak, all these people hogging the tables. Not eating, move away lah" but ... ... 

No! They were actually waiting for their order! I only got to realize it when I was placing for my order. I was told that average waiting for the burger is 1 hr 15 mins! 

Why is there 2 order numbers for me? Cos I ordered a set meal & a dessert. I was told that if I want the dessert to be served first, then I will need to have a separate order for it. What logic lor?! Also, while I wait for my burger to be ready, they did not even serve the drink first. Dengz~~ it's damn hot waiting for the burger without any drinks lah. They should really consider serving the drinks first while customers wait for the burger to be ready.

Every table has a little pot of 'plant'

Waited close to 15 mins for the Bear Paw Gelato to be ready.

It's actually Chocolate Ice-Cream on the Milk Bun $3.80

I couldn't really taste the chocolaty taste of the ice cream & it was so frozen it didn't melts in the hot bun! It also has quite a bit of ice crystals built-up on the ice cream. Probably the Brown Sugar Bun will enhance the dessert better.

Finally got my meal after waiting under the hot sun for 45 mins! 

They do not serve ice, nor provide you an empty cup for the drink. Fries are served in plastic cup & they were soggy

I ordered the Karaage Crispy Chicken Burger with Thai Chi (Thai Chili) sauce on Squid Ink bun. The bun is very soft but I could hardly taste anything. Karaage Crispy Chicken however is very crispy & tender thou. Lettuce in the bun give you the additional crunchiness. But overall, I could only taste the Thai Chili sauce. 

It wasn't fantastic but I wouldn't mind going back to try the Yam bun if the wait for the burger is less than 15 mins wait. 

Bear Bites 熊の食
Scape, 2 Orchard Link #02-42 (outdoor area behind Old Chang Kee), 
Somerset Singapore 237978
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm

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