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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Charlene's Birthday @ Marriott Cafe

Charlene's Super Belated Birthday celebration @ Marriott Cafe. Her birthday is supposed to be in Jun but she's on confinement and Carol is busy for the past few months, we only end up treating her this month. 

They're currently offering Korean cuisine on top of the on-going International buffet for this month @ $65++. Thanks to the $100 Marriott Voucher which I redeemed from OpenRice Contest, I do not need to pay for my meal & only paid $15 =D

Table setting 

I made reservation for a baby chair, & they prepared children cutlery without me asking for it.

Charlene bought Ashton along and he started off having cakes

I wasn't really keen on most of the hot dishes, so I had more of the cold dishes. Food variety wasn't a lot but it was very fresh.

Service on the other hand isn't as attentive as compared to my previous visit. It took them almost 30 mins to serve us ice water. 

haha.. the shy boy hides behind mummy's chair & makes him looks like he's standing at naughty corner =D

Then we started fooling around with the jelly sweets

Complimentary slice of Birthday Cake from the cafe & since Ashton & Charlene's birthday is only few days apart, she decide to let him blow the candle 

Seeing us takes pictures, Ashton also wants to be a photographer

These are some of the better pictures taken by Ashton

The complimentary slice of cake from cafe

A group picture before we part. Next meet up, my birthday in Dec 13

Marriott Cafe
Singapore Marriott Hotel, 
320 Orchard Road, Ground Floor, Orchard, 
Singapore 238865
Phone: 6831 4605
Opening Hours: 
Mon to Sun: 0600 - 2200

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