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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Itacho Sushi 板长寿司

Lunch at Itacho Sushi with Evelyn before heading to Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention @ MBS. 

Simple Table setting

Order chit for you to fill in youself before handing it over to the server.

Evelyn went to settle her tummy issues, so I went ahead to place order first

Edamame $2.80 for her

Roasted Foie Gras Sushi $7.20 is superb. Foie Gras melts in mouth!

Salmon Spring Roll $3.60. Fresh ingredients & sauce at the side is nice.

Avocado & Softshell Crab $5.50

Salmon & Salmon Roe $6.20 - The rice is wrapped with 2 thick slices of Fresh Salmon Sashimi

Scallop & Avocado Roll $6.20 - Not sure what are the strips made from, but taste pretty good

Salmon Sashimi $3.60 - This greedy girl never even leave a piece for me?!

Blue Fin Fatty Tuna $7.50, Fatty Salmon $1.70 & Salt Scallop $2.60 -- ooh~~ all of them are super tasty & oily it's a little difficult to grip it with chopsticks =D

Steam Egg with Salmon Roe $4.50

Whole Sea Eel Sushi $6.50 which is a little disappointing as the Eel is slightly under-cooked. 

Food was good but the service is almost non-existent. No one bother to ask if I need any drinks when I'm being seated. It also took them quite a while to serve us the drinks that we ordered. Good thing is, the food quality & taste is worth a re-visit! 

On a side note; the face behind the photographer! haha

Itacho Sushi 板长寿司
Plaza Singapura, 
68 Orchard Road #02-35 , 
Dhoby Ghaut, 238839
6337 8922

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