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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pizza Hut Delivery for Sunday's Dinner

Sunday dinner with the boys at home. It's been long time since I had dinner with them, so I decided to order Pizza =D

I wanted to order Domino's but Daryl wanted Pizza Hut cos he wants both pasta & pizza. Ordered 2 pastas for the boys which I forgotten to snap picture of it

2 Personal Pan for $9.90 (Online Special)

Super Supreme for myself

Trio Cheese for the boys to share

I also ordered the Big Box $29.90 which includes the following for all to share

Regular Meat Galore

Curry Zazzle Baked Rice - Surprisingly, this is not bad. Not spicy yet has the curry flavor. Has quite a bit of Chicken Chunks & Potatoes as well

8pcs Honey Roasted Wing

6 Slices of Garlic Bread

8pcs of Mini Hashbrowns

I also add on 6 piece of Spicy Drumlets $5.50

And 8pc Choco Pops $2.90 - A savory bite sized dessert baked with crispy parmesan and chocolate wafer biscuit. Sadly, this is terrible as it is over-baked & most of them are hard 

On a side note: The Boys are flying off tomorrow for the first time to... ... Kuala Lumpur (only lah) with their parents & sis has also booked the flight to Hong Kong to visit some relatives & to Disney Land in Dec! So envy! When's my turn for holiday? 

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