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Friday, 7 December 2012

Seafood w/Mushroom Pasta

Boss in the mood for pasta, so we decided to have some "Office-cooked" pasta for lunch today

Ingredients **Serves 8**: 
750gm Rigatoni
2 cans Button Mushroom
200gm Shitake Mushroom
10 Imitation Crabsticks
600gm Prawns
1 Big bttl Traditional Pasta Sauce

Note: These are just estimated amount of ingredients cos I didn't really weigh them. I just grab whatever ingredients that are available in the pantry/ boss bought

As we're cooking in an office pantry, there isn't much choice, so I boil the pasta in rice cooker.
Boil for 11 mins & remember to add a pinch of salt in the water to prevent the pasta from sticking together.

Cook the rest of the ingredients in the "hotpot" 

Add in pasta sauce

and it's ready to be served!

~~Seafood w/Mushroom in Traditional Sauce Pasta~~ 

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