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Monday, 3 December 2012

Rukumani & Kavinthiran

Rukumani & Kavinthiran Wedding @ Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

Photo taken outside the temple while waiting for the rest to reach

Rafi's favorite wall poster cos he says the guy's a 'rocker".. lol

When we're there, the ceremony is already half-way done, with Kogu ("brother") siting next the groom, waiting for the bride to continue the ceremony.

Here come the bride, and the ceremony continues... ...

 The entire ceremony takes about 1.5hrs to complete & the "brother" has to guide the newly weds round the stuffs for praying before ending the ceremony.

"KTV corner" set-up for relatives to help sing some songs to entertain the guests during photo-taking time with the newly weds.

us self-entertaining, taking photos of ourselves (with the low-resolution iPhone frint camera)! haha

The A-team

Managed to get Ebi Shankara, the Vasantham Star to snap a pix with us =)

Finally the A-team's turn to take photo with the newly weds =)

and finally, on our way home! 

Once again... ...
Congratulations to Rukumani & Kavinthiran

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