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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Legoland, Malaysia (II)

If you haven read, here's my post on Legoland, Malaysia (I)

After lunch at Knight's Feast, we head to the Mini World. 

Some places I can't really figure out where cos there ain't much info available, but it was really an eye-opener for me. The buildings, the public transports, the fountains, the little animals, the little humans are all very detailed! I wonder how long they take to get the structures built! 

I must say, I'm really impressed! 


Taj Mahal, India



Ang Kor Wat, Cambodia

Super like the fat chicken & the clothes hang there! 


Dunno which airport


Kualur Lumpur

Cool Octopus~

Robots outside a cafe

Albert Einstein 

One of the many roller coasters.. erm, no.. I didn't take it cos queue super long

Shop around the Big Store before we left & saw this very chio golden Lego bricks! Of cos I didn't buy cos the boys at home has lots of Lego already.

Going home from Legoland is as easy as going to Legoland! 

Hop on JPO2 from Legoland @ RM$4, and it'll take u to Malaysia custom, and back to Jurong East via Tuas 2nd Link. Other destinations are available, but do check with customer service center the price for other destinations. Just like going to Legoland, the bus has a fixed timing scheduled as stated here. Do check out the timing to avoid missing the bus.

Are you guys heading to Legoland soon? I hope you have fun as much as I do! 

Legoland, I promise I'll be back soon =)

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