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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Chocolate Making Class

Deal from $35 for 150 mins of Chocolate Making class @ JBS International Collage

Rise & Shine! My face at 7.15 am cos gotta be at Eunos MRT Station at 8.30am!

After checking the route using, realized that it's actually faster taking SMRT 966, so I decided to take a ride on LRT & bus to get to Eunos

Met the girls for breakfast at Eunos Market before heading for the class. All of us wanted to have lor-mee so Fiona went to queue for all. Check out the queue! I also bought a bowl of fish ball soup for sharing! haha

When we reached JBS, it looks like it's not even operating lah! It's only during registration,then we got to know that they're in the mist of moving into this new facility, that's why even the kitchen is not ready

All of us, being excited.. lol

Ingredients needed for the 1st recipe... ... 

Chef demonstrating on how to make chocolates! 

Don't understand why, but everyone rushes to the front & crowd around the table. All we can see are butts! 


Finally! Time for action!

The bunch of crazy us, decided to make alphabets instead of the round shape that Chef demo

Us, with our chocolates ready to be chilled for setting

Next, chef demo on how to crystallize Almonds/ Hazelnuts  

"Baked" & ready to chill. It has to be fully chilled before you can grind it into praline paste

Up next - coating & baking of almond flakes 

Ready baked, set to chill

Chef then melted some chocolates so that we can use it to mix it with the almond flakes 

End product - Rocher (that's what the chef name it)

When we're done with the Rocher, the 1st tray of chocolates we left in chiller are set. 

Coated the chocolates with more chocolates & some nuts. Here are the products we get to bring home at the end of the class. 

Comparing to the Chocolate Making Class I went previously with Sam & Wendy, this is definitely a better choice & a "Real" Chocolate Class!  

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