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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Birthday & Christmas Gathering with BFF

Another Birthday celebration. Treat from bff, Carol & Charlene

As usual, birthday girl will pick the venue while the other 2 girls will just "appear, eat & pay" 

Since there's so many good reviews about JPot, I decided to pick this place!

Waiting corner

Live seafood on display

Mix your own sauce station

Excuse me Carol, last min only writing card? 

Present from Carol, which I almost bought it months ago when I went shopping with Evelyn!

Very Pretty toiletry from Charlene

**Back to our dinner**

It's an ala carte menu, so we choose the Set Menu for 4. We also pick some ala cart items but the supervisor told us it'll be too much, so she will serve the item from set menu first & if it's not enough, we can order again. Honestly speaking, I reckon it's not enough cos the items will come like 4pc each. Anyway, since that's what she says, we'll just do as she suggested.

We're allowed to choose up to 4 individual pots, but we decided to stick to only 3 pots since there's only 3 of us. We've chosen the JPot Superior Broth, Bak Kut Teh & Tom Yum.Unfortunately, only the Bak Kut Teh is good. Jpot Superior broth a bit bland & Tom Yum is as good as boiling a pot of water & add in a Knorr Tom Yum Cube! Honestly, my friend Angeline can cook better Tom Yum soup!

Let's take a look at how much food is being served for set menu of 4!

Prawns, Sea Clams, Squid, Garupa - 8 pcs each
Fish Ball, Prawn Balls, Scallops, Siew Mai, Prawn Dumpling, Tao Guah, Tao Pok, Chilli w/fish Paste - 4pc each

Some Pho, Dang Hoon, Enoki Mushroom, Spinach & Tang Oh

A small plate of marinated Beef, A plate of  Kurobuta Pork which is abt 8 slices

Fried stuffs: some Fish Skin, 4 rolls fried Beancurd Skin; 4 Tofu w/Spinach & 4 wanton

All these for $98++

We end up ordering some more ala carte items: Shitake Mushroom w/Prawn paste & Fish Ball. We also ordered Luncheon Meat but we waited for very long & it's still not served. When we ask the Manager, he checked the receipts on the clip board & told us it's already served. When we insisted that it's yet to be served, he gave us the "hmpf.. these few girls wanna 骗吃 issit?" look, then he turn around & ask one of the PRC to serve us the luncheon meat.

Apart from that, we also place an order for Luo Han Guo drink halfway tru the dinner, & the drinks are already prepared in jugs, placed on the table near us, but it took them almost 20mins to serve us the drink after 2 reminders! We also requested for ice water at point of ordering, and after 3 reminders, the ice water are still not being served at the end of our dinner! 

Personally.. or rather, 3 of us feels that the quality of food is just slightly above average; quantity too little & soup base is below average. Service? Need I mention more?

Conclusion? JPot is definitely not worth the price tag! 

Back to meddling with our gifts after dinner

and a few snaps before leaving

Thanks Girls for the Birthday treat & Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas ^-^

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