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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Legoland, Malaysia (I)

Went on a little excursion with my buddy, Evelyn to Legoland Malaysia over the weekend. 

As we went on a typical Sunday during the School Holidays, the entire place is so crowded & queue for every single ride has a min waiting time of 60mins! 

To beat the queue, I bought our tickets online & it was emailed to me as pdf format. 
You may check out the ticket prices here 

Since the boys at home are holding Annual pass too, I decided to take up the Annual pass as well so that I can bring them there as & when I'm free. 

Going there is actually quite simple. You can hop on CW3 from Jurong East to Tuas 2nd Link @ S$4 cash. From Malaysia custom, hop on JPO2 to Legoland @ RM$2. 

However, JPO2 has a fixed schedule running. Be sure to check out the bus schedule here so that you can hop on & avoid being stranded for 2 hrs at custom =) 

In all, we only took abt an hour or so to reach Legoland from Jurong East interchange

Upon reaching, I immediately head to the customer service center to get my Annual pass done =)

Saw the Lego mascot, Buddy & so I queue to take a picture with it =)

My buddy, Evelyn prefers to take picture with Pigeon granny ^-^

Damn jealous that they have driving school only for kids! 

Boating School or both kids & adults

The Shipyard

The Restaurant

Out of nowhere, a game booth set-up for you to play "basketball" & wind Angry Bird plush. Few other places have booths set-up to win othe plush toys as well

The Rescue Academy; where u need to pump to get the Police Car/ Fire Engine moving, get out of the vehicle to pump water & to save the Lego buddies from fire & lastly, pump to get the vehicle back to start point. This is super Family orientated cos you need teamwork to get the rescue a success, but I tell you.. ... it's very tiring, especially when only 2 of us in 1 vehicle.. haha

And there is Lego Express Station! Slow 7-min train ride around Legoland. 
Feels so like the Monorail in Sentosa~

The Airport, with a kiddy ride inside.

Finally found a water ride, but unfortunately it's closed for maintenance =(

Went to the retail shop @ Adventure Land & customized Lego Brick Keychain for myself & all the boys at home =)

Just in case you're interested, the keychain is RM$12.95, with additional RM$10 for customizing 1 side or RM$20 for 2 sides. This can only be done at the 2 retail shops at entrance, or the shop at Adventure Land

Next, the Imaginary Land. 
Fountain with musical instruments & got music leh.. cool~ 

The golden Lego brick so nice! 

We were so excited cos they also have the 4D theater! 

So we went to queue for it despite the waiting time is more than 60mins. However, it was such a disappointment! The movie is also unspoken. You have to use your imagination on the story line; The seats are stationery & the only 4D effect is only strong wind & some snow =(

This is another family orientated ride, which you have to pull yourself up & it can only seat 1 adult & 1 kid

haha.. this is found on toilet~ 

My silly friend who always do silly things in public.. haha

Lunch at Khight's Feast. 
Chicken Leg with Fries for RM$22, drinks sold separately

Crossing the "railway track" to... ... 


Cool lah.. The boat sails & the Merlion shoots water.. both short & long distance! Evelyn walked passed & got shot on her pants! hahaahahahahaha

Most of the public transports are on the move!

Stay tune as we travel around the World, with Legos! 

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