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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hello, Batam ~~

13 December 2012

It's My Birthday & since there's nothing to do, I decided to cross over to Batam, Indonesia for a day trip & Evelyn offers to go with me cos she has never been there before! 

Ferry tickets booked online with Batam Fast & it auto-checked in once booking is confirmed, with boarding pass printed out on the spot. So convenient

We're leaving at 8.40am, therefore I went to exchange for the actual boarding pass with my print out before going for breakfast at McDonald's

Evelyn meddling with her new phone while waiting to board

whee~ on board.. & Hello, Sunny Day~ Hope the weather at Batam is as good! 

Before we reach Batam, I've made arrangement with David, my Secondary Classmate who owns a Japanese Restaurant in Batam, to help us arrange for transport but he says he will ask his driver to pick us up. Once we reached Batam, we waited awhile for Fadil to pick us up from the ferry terminal. He was late cos there was road block and full spot-check on all cars due to festive season & their Police is afraid of riot. 

As requested, Fadil drove us to the wet market cos Evelyn wanted to take a look at it. We also walk around the market and found a provision shop where we bought few items from there.

We reach at abt 10am (local time) at most of the stalls have started washing

This loud-speaking fishmonger showing us the big "Talking Catfish".. actually it's cos the fish is still alive lah.. haha

This provision shop we went to, most of the things are sold in strips & hanging from at entrance of the shop. Even baby diapers are hanging also! 

Then we saw this cute Oreo Van

After visiting the wet market, Fadil drove us to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in South East Asia and is a major attraction in Batam

After temple, we head down to David's Japanese Restaurant for lunch. 

Welcome Appetizer

When We're done with our lunch & asked for bill, we got this message... ...

Damn cool ~~ 

Thanks for the lunch treat, David! 

Fadil then drove us to Nagoya Mall for shopping & massage.

While Evelyn went to Isabella for Thai traditional massage, I opt for a package offered at Nagoya Mall cos out of all day, my period has to come today! =(

I opt for the promo package @ $39 for foot massage, face massage & shoulder massage, ear candle-ling, classic padicure & classic manicure

A&W after massage before cheong-ing to shop at hypermarket! 

Loots of today

and finally going back home

Once again, Thanks David for being such a nice host! 

1 comment:

Tobi Damaris said...

Hi, so how was the japanese food? Kazu resto has been around since the first time I moved in to Batam in 2005. Never tried before since I doubt about the taste.

Was it good? :)