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Monday, 17 December 2012

Multiply Christmas Gathering (II)

Tis the Season to be Fatty Jolly ~~ falalalala lalalala ~~ 

It's time for Multiply's Yearly Christmas Gathering again! 

This year, it was hosted by Hazel @ The Raintree's Function Hall again, so thanks Hazel for staying up to 12am on 16 Nov 12 to book the room =) As I mentioned on my previous post on Multiply's Christmas Gathering, it's great catching-up with the girls & stuffing ourselves silly with lots of yummy-licious food. Due to the fact that it's pot-luck, we end up having too much food again... haha

Me, all ready & waiting for Eeling to pick me up

*This Reindeer headband really serves me well. It's been 4 years already & it's still in good condition. Best of all, it's only $2 from Daiso! 

Cam-whoring with the Korean girls is my usual activity in Mr Park's car

ooh~~ There's Christmas tree in the function hall this year

with simple decor in the function hall as well

Drinks prepared by the host

Chips from Eeling

Fried Laksa by the host, Hazel

Angeline's Signature Curry Vegetable

Saprinos Pizza from Cheryl

Kimchi & 비빔밥 (Bibimbap) from Eeling/ Mr Park

Devilish Egg by Me 

Cold Pasta also by Me

 8 Tarts Char Siew Soh & Egg Tarts by from Wendy

Fish Ball, CP Honey Wing, Nuggets, Hotdogs & Quail Eggs from Theresa

Don Pie from Janice

My Genie Soon Kueh & Peng Kueh from Sam

Home-made Prawn Roll & Wanton by Geok Ping

Old Chang Kee Gyoza & Chicken Wrap from Jiaming

The Park Family

The girls munching away

Theresa & Fiona.. caught 自拍

Evil 4

The kids getting ready to pick their presents!

Introducing the Multiply Kids!

Elizabeth, Beverly, Brayden & Jaycus
**haha.. Jaycus's palm blocks Fiona's face while Alyssa pose besides the Christmas tree at the back! **

Ji Hye, Jade, Cedric & Jayden

Ji Eun, Cheryl, Warren & Alyssa

The kids ripping off the wrappers! 

hmm.. suddenly, this "bear-红白蓝bag" pop out!

 it's Fiona leh-long-ing her loots from Aji Ichban (優之良品) Hong Kong!

hmm... We also spot a "Yakult Aunty" who manage to distribute all the Yakult to the adults, Free of Charge cos the kids are not interested in Yakult Ace that she bought. ** Not to worry, Yakult Aunty.. .. my nephews like it **

Next, we spot a "Christmas Tree"! 

A few snaps before we ladies have out gift exchange

Gift corner for the girls

These girls's face appears quite regularly in my blog, so I don't see a need to introduce them =)

Oops.. why is there a 毁容 Christmas Log Cake?!

Cos this little girl here keeps "digging" the cream & lick it off her finger

My gift from the Christmas Exchange. Thanks, Jiaming =)

Wendy & Angeline caught 自拍 also

What is a gathering without group pix right? Unfortunately, this pix is a little blur cos out Dear Mr Goh has too many cameras on hand to handle

but never mind, we can always have a one or two more pictures taken.

I hope the girls have as much fun as I did & I'm sure the kids enjoyed too! 

Last but not least, 
Wishing Everyone a Berry Merry Christmas =)

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