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Saturday, 8 December 2012

It's My Birthday Celebration =)

Last Multiply Birthday Celebration 2012 & it's finally mine! As usual; Birthday girl gets to pick the restaurant for celebration, and so I picked this place! 

Chef d'Table @ CHIJMES

Tuck in a corner of CHIJMES, Chef D' Table, which literally translates to the Chef’s table, is an unfussy, minimal restaurant with an open kitchen, whose best seats are in the al fresco area where one has a view of the beautiful CHIJMES chapel. 

A born-and-bred Singaporean, Chef Jason Lee has spent 20 years honing his craft overseas, opening restaurants with varied cuisines ranging from French, to Spanish, Japanese, and of course Singaporean. As a result the cuisine offered is true to his French culinary roots, but distinctly influenced from this plethora of experiences.

View of restaurant from the private room 

Wall of Fame

We were showed to the private room with nice table setting for our little celebration

Upon seated, we were only given a choice of Sparkling Water or Still Water. Thinking that they do not serve Ice Water, we opt for Still Water, which I would suggest you insist they serve you ice water cos the Still Water cost $12/1 ltr bottle!

Angbao from the girls

Menu; that consist only of 2 pages & set dinner is not on the menu. The staffs are the walking menu for the 4-course dinner that we ordered

While waiting for the food to be served, we were served with some bread. The bread is so soft & with the olive dip, superb! We couldn't resist & decided to ask for more breads.

For entree, Geok Ping ordered Healthy Garden Mix

Fiona had Foiegras w/Lobster Omelette. The aroma of the herb butter fills the room when the waiter brings the plate in & it simply melts in your mouth. We couldn't resist the temptation we decided to order 2 more portions of it for sharing! 

Drexler, Sam, Theresa & myself go for the 4-course set meal & our entree is their Signature Cold Pasta with Grill Prawn. Pasta was springy & the prawns are fresh

Chef Jason offered another choice of entree for the 4-course meal; Mushroom Tofu. Theresa opt to swoop the Cold Pasta to this & I "tax" a bit out of it. The homemade tofu is very soft on the inside & crispy on the outside. 

2nd course of our meal; Lobster Bisque served in Cappuccino Cup

Geok Ping & Fiona's normal-size soup. GP had Funghi (Wild Mushroom) while Fiona had Lobster Bisuqe

3rd course: Main dish is a choice of either US Angus Beef Ribeye or US Kurubota Pork Collar

My choice of main is the Angus Beef, with medium rare done-ness. The Beef was very nicely done. Soft & Tender, not bloody at all.

Drexler opt for Pork Collar

Sam & Theresa was given an option to change to Sea Bass cos they don't eat beef & pork. Geok Ping also ordered Sea Bass, but part of the fish is not well done. The waiter without any question asked, took the plate from her & got her a new plate, with the fish done to perfection

Fiona ordered the Duck Fillet. I quite like this cos the meat was quite tender & the skin crispy! 

4th course: Dessert Platter. According to Sally the Ops Manager, they do not know what dessert will be served cos it all depends on the mood of the pastry chef! what an interesting concept! 

For our dessert platter on Saturday night, we were being served the following: 
Valrhona Chocolate Fondant w/vanilla ice cream on the left; Lychee Pannacotta on the right;
Trimisu at the center & Orange Creme Brulee hidden at the back

Fiona also top up her meal with dessert & it turn out to be Coconut Pudding

Me being the Birthday Girl, got a complimentary Valrhona Chocolate Fondant w/vanilla ice cream! 

Happy Birthday to Me =)

OMG! Look at the chocolate flowing out of the little cake! Need I explain more? The picture shows it all! This is by far the best I've had. Really!

A group pix is a must in all our Birthday celebration 

Last few pix before we "whack" the desserts! 

I'm not gonna show the bill as it's a tad expensive, but you guys can go take a look at the menu. However, for the outstanding service provided by Sally, the Ops Manager & the food quality, it's definitely worth the hefty price tag & the experience.

30 Victoria St, #01-29 CHIJMES
(65) 6338 4898
Mon-Sat: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm
Closed Sunday

**Chef d'Table is also the Official Caterer for CHIJMES**

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