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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Evelyn says it's so difficult to buy me present, so I suggest she buy me a meal at Nam Nam Noodle Bar since we have plans to try out this place to see if we can get the "Hanoi feeling"

The Baguette Corner. It definitely brings back memory of Hanoi from the look of the baguette.

Payment counter


The old school mug where on the table where they place the order sheet & pencil

Many different sauces available on the table for you to mix & match

We ordered the Spring roll with Prawn & herbs for sharing. The sauce is pretty nice.

We were struggling to decide to have Pho or Baguette... .... .... ...

In the end, I ordered the Pho with Beef Combination. The soup is nice on it's own, so there is no need to add anymore flavoring. Beef very tender too. However, it's a little oily. 

Evelyn ordered the Baguette with Cold Cut, Char Siew & Pork. The baguette is soft, and the meat quite tasty. However, we find that the having chinese herbs/ veggies in the baguette does taste a little weird & wrong combination. We still prefer having the Hanoi way, with lettuce & tomato! 

We didn't get the exact "Hanoi feeling", but will definitely be back for more Pho & Baguette. 

Nam Nam Noodle Bar (Raffles City)
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-46 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 63360500

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