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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Milkfrost's Devilish Eggs & Cold Pasta

It's Multiply's Yearly Christmas Gathering again! As usual, we'll do it with potluck so we get lots of yummy food =)

I'm an egg lover, so naturally I'll do something with eggs. I found this Devilish Eggs Recipe online & decided to try it out.

Ingredients needed:
15 Eggs
2 Tablespoon Mayonnaise
1 Teaspoon Honey Mustard (Original recipe is actually Dijon Mustard, but I replace it for kids)
A dash of salt & pepper

Boil the eggs; deshell & half it length-wise
Remove the egg yolk; mix with Mayonnaise & Honey Mustard; add in a dash of salt & pepper to taste
Scoop the mixture of egg yolk; put it back to the egg white

Serve chilled

I put it on the cupcake papers so that it will not be messy. 
You may want to slice off a little bit of the egg white at the bottom so that it can sit nicely on the tray

I added 2 cute slices of ham to some eggs for variety

I also added some Bacon Bits to some other eggs

tada~~ done!

I also made Cold Pasta since I have quite a bit of pasta at home

250gm Pasta of your choice
50gm Mix vegetables
20 Slice Black Olives
10 Shrimps
4 slices Ham
150ml Italian Dressing
A dashful of Rosemary Leaves

Boil the pasta as per instructions on packaging
Mix all other ingredients together & chill

*oops! I didn't remove the black thingy off the shrimp

I will bring along Cheese, Crutons & Bacon Bits so that the girls can add on to the Cold Pasta!

I have yet to try both the Devilish Eggs & Cold Pasta. Hope it turn out well.

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